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Scared stiff only 16, Do I have herpes or syphilis or is it just a normal rash...

I have had unprotected sex a bit over a month ago and a rash has appeared down the left hand side of my body, under my armpit, it is only slightly irritant and has been there for about a week, it seems to be getting worse but it is only a red rash and looks nothing like and herpes or syphilis pictures I've seen online but I'm scared still of getting herpes or syphilis, any help?
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Have you seen a dermatologist about this rash?  Rashes can be due to anything from irritants (such as clothing, soaps, etc.), an allergic reaction, or even a fungal infection ~ there are literally hundreds of different rashes, which aren't necessarily anything to do with unprotected sex...
Make an appointment to be examined by a doctor/dermatologist as soon as possible.
Good Luck
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Thanks I will do
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