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Skin tags

I recently noticed two bumps around my anal area.  These do not look like warts from what i have seen and read, but look like skin tags.  Is this possible?  I have never had any type of anal sexual contact.  Is it still possible for me to get anal warts?  I am scheduling a doctors appointment, but are there any true ways to tell the difference between a skin tag and a wart?
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can anyone help me with this?
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I have the same thing only 1 though what does yours look like?  Mine is raised like a small mole kinda hard and sore when i wipe.  it's out from the anal area so I am worried about this.  I have never had unprotected sex or anal sex so I don't know if they could be warts or not.  I wouldn't think so.  Let me know what you found out?
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This could be a skin tag, a mole, a wart (you can get warts even if you've had protected sex), etc.

Why not get it checked by your doc?

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I also have a couple of growths in the vaginal area which, initially, I thought were skin tags because they didn't look like "typical" warts (i.e. ones you might see on fingers, etc.).  They were more flat and raised up.  It turns out that they are genital warts.  It's my understanding that you don't actually have to have anal sex to get warts in that area (although I am not a doctor; this is from my research only).  I would suggest that you, perhaps, google "genital warts" +photos to see whether some of these pix look similar to what you have.  Regardless, you have to get them checked out asap.  You'll need to get this confirmed by a doctor in order to have them formally diagnosed and to receive appropriate treatment.
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