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Small white/red bumps/pimples on penis.

Recently I had a sexual encounter with a female. After we did our business I started to get pains in my stomach. Forward 2 months turns out I contracted hsv with an igm count of 1.27 over .91. Igg counts were negative. So that was a nightmare. I never got an outbreak and after going to hospitals and urologists and doctors they tell me to re test. Upon re testing a month after my initial test my igg still came back negative and the dermatologist says u might had a false positive cause the igg should have been positive by now. Anywho so I go about my life but I have been getting these tiny pin head pimple/bumps on my penis for two months now. The doctor prescribed some antifungsl cream but no luck. Today I got them all on the left side of my penis. Please look at the image this is how t looks.


So I’m unsure if this is balanitis or the herpes or what. I’m so tired of having this I want my normal penis back. Please help someone.
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