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Smegma or other?

Hey guys,

I've recently been having bad smegma in that there seems to be a constant fine layer of whitened skin on the head of my penis. This can be rub away and it smells pretty bad (kinda cheesy). I've always had this problem, but after a bit of STD paranoia it's gotten worse (this is a definite and not paranoia). I was wondering would anyone advise seeing a GP about this. Circumcision wouldn't be an option for me personally as I am uncut and would not like getting it done (i'm 20).

I'm not sure if this is smegma in that it has gotten worse over the past few weeks. I have been cleaning it with hot water (no soap) and try to pee with my skin pulling back.

Any thoughts? It's getting embarrassing and affecting my sex life.


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You may have a bacterial, fungal or yeast infection. Don't freak out. Just see a dermatologist so that you can be evaluated and get treatment.
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hello sir,
             I am very much in sex 23 yrs old and i got this smegma in my penis but without any itching or inflammation effect..its smelling very bad and coming after 2 days and washable by running water or by hand..What medicine shall i take to cure this and how to prevent it.please help me ...
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I'm 35 and unmarried. My problems started about a year ago when I noticed my penis is covered with a white smelly stuff and a little bruise on my glans. I washed my penis regularly and applied clotrimazole and fluconazole (oral) but it didnt help much. Then about 3 months ago, I a very mild(vague) pain in my left abdomen which come and goes. Now i started to have the same pain (mild too) on my right side. Also, I used to experience a mild burning sensation on my penis when I urinate and ejaculate which now subside. Do I have a kidney problem or contracted STD? Pls help
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