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Std? White discharge


I’ve never been tested for any Sti or stds. I have been tested negative for hiv multiple times.

I have both performed and received oral sex on men. I have also had little unprotected anal sex both ways a few years ago, only unprotected oral both ways the past 2 years.

Today I bent down and noticed a dripping sensation from my penis, and noticed a very small amount of cloudy white watery liquid. I’ve never seen it before, and I hadn’t peed all day today before seeing it. I also sometimes feel a burning sensation while peeing at night, never in the day or morning for some reason. I have also had diarrhea and constipation for a while (but maybe that is ibs?)

What should I get tested for? I was thinking chlamydia and gonnorreah. I got tested for hiv a few months ago, and only had unprotected oral before that and after once briefly. Should I have to test for hiv again too? I read oral is not a risk.
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Also, I’ve never noticed the discharge before today. I also have never had any sores or spots on my body, can I have syphilis without sores?
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Go to your doctor.  It could be something like NGU or prostatitis.  Don't assume the worst.   The tests for gonorrhea, chlamydia and NGU (if you have a swab test, I presume they also checked for white blood cells) are excellent and are the gold standard for detecting infections of this sort.  So, request that.  No need for an HIV test if all you have had is oral sex as that is not a risk for HIV.
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I agree. From receiving oral sex, you are at risk for gonorrhea and NGU. They may run a chlamydia test at the same time, as they are often run together, but that's fine.

These wouldn't cause IBS symptoms.

Let us know what happens with the testing.
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