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Std by rubbing gentials till ejeculating across clothes ?

From 1 year ago ....i meet one escort woman and both of us were clothed underwear on and we were rubbing our gentials together untill we got ejeculated which means that whole my penis head soaked by her vagine fluids and as per community past posts....i understood  that if fluids pass into my Urethra will easily transmitt STD ......the question now when my penis head soaked by her fluid across clothes , is that means that it found way to my Urethra ?
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You can not get an std through clothing.  It acts as a barrier and it is impossible.  There is no risk of std's through clothing and rubbing genitals through clothing.
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Thanks for your reply but i have another query ...clothes is not like condom which is considered as completly & extremly isolator compare to clothes where clothes pass fluids and get wet
You will NOT get an std through clothing.  It does not happen.  However, if during the process of grinding/humping, your underwear came up and off and hers did as well, that's skin to skin. Unless you were skin to skin, then there is ZERO risk.   Plus, this happened a YEAR ago.  Are you going through a rough time where anxiety is coming out stronger right now?
Thanks for your reply...regarding to last sentence question " Are you going through a rough time where anxiety is coming out stronger right now? " ...this actually which happens to me nowdays cause recently i knew that  some if Stds such as chaladymia can be transmitted by her vagine fluid pass into my urethra which lead me to be worried may fluids pass through clothes into my urethra

Thanks and appreciate your support & patience
STDs don't go through clothing. No matter what fluids were released, if you had clothing on, you're fine.
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