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Std concerns plz help me

Dear all

I asked my question to hiv forum i took my answers and i m going to ask u here some questions about STDs only
So i went to "massage" shop so i had unprotected oral sex which was about 30 mins and ejaculate 2 times in her mouth(sex worker) That happened on 28th of january. Afterwards on 4th of march i had again uprotected oral sex with another sex worker again for around 1 hour but i didnt ejaculate in her mouth. After i had another 2 Protected times only oral sex again.
I talked with a friend after this and just started to get worried. No drugs no vaginal sex or anal sex. Plz help me i started worried shall i get tested. I search on amazon and found one the called biohealth something like that.
I m not going anymore there

Btw i didnt have any fever any sore throat just i feel phychologically bad. Thank u

Ps1 i had some urine exams and everything seems ok.
Ps2 i had computed tomography. They scan my whole bawl system. Liver, kidneys, intenstines everything are ok. Apart from my spine which has problem and causes some pain.
Ps2 i did  blood tests. Loads of  them. actually cause my friend is microbiologist and i am fine there too.
Ps3 all the doctors that i had the tests told me that i am perfectly healthy
Ps4 i didnt tell anything about stds.
Please help me.
Whats the symptoms of any stds?
I didnt have itchy or red penis.
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Please can anyone help me. Thanks in advance
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Is anyone from more knowledge here gonna help me plz? Plz someone answer my question
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can anyone answer me my topic plz?
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Go to your local STD HIV clinic which you can find via Google and get a test it's anonymous. Your issue sounds psychological but then you'll know definitely if you've caught something. Google search "free STD testing" and/or "community health clinic" for your area. Then go and get an STD/HIV array.
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Your chance of hiv is as close to zero as it can get. I would not be concerned with hiv. Symptoms of any std you could have been exposed to are
1. Bacterial stds. Discharge and painful urination
2. Hsv1... lesions and flu like symptoms.  Fever body aches and swollen lymph nodes
3 syphilis. .. very rare though. A painless sore.

Now that being said if your urine tests come up neg then I would not be concerned over your very low risk encounters.
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thank u very much both of u for ur asnwers
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