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Std/hiv risk?

Hello, on Friday I had a poor lapse in judgement.  I'm married with kids and love them dearly.  I had gone out to the strop club with my friends, had way to much to drink and ended in the VIP room with a stripper.  In the VIP room, the following happened.  We made out, she gave me unprotected oral sex, I gave her unprotected oral sex, I inserted my fingers in her vagina and we had protected vaginal sex.  3 days post encounter I have no symptoms, I feel fine.  My questions are the following:

1) what are the chances of getting stds/hiv or sti from this encounter.

2) I have 2 failed root canals with holes, from 3 years ago.  Would my exposure go up from performing oral sex on the stripper?  There was no blood, cuts or sores

3) should I get tested if I'm asymptomatic?

4) if I have to get tested, what's the time frame for hiv/stds?

This was my first sexual encounter outside my marriage and I definan don't want to pass anything along to her.  I hate myself for doing this and won't be going to anymore strip clubs.  I am having a lot of anxiety over this

Please advise,

Worry wort
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Hi the unprotected oral is a risk for gono, herpes, and HPV,
The protected vaginal is a risk for herpes, syphilis and HPV. testing would not be advised without symptoms but would be advised if you have a long term partner. test at the correct window period as below post exposure:
1. gono 7 days
2. syphilis--6 weeks
3. herpes---3 months
theres no test for men for HPV
It would be advised to test prior to being intimate with her.
How about HIV?
zero risk
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