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Sti scare help plz

Can you tell the difference between Bv, yeast, and stis? I've been getting this whitish pale green discharge for so long I can't remember when it started. It's just slime like(not clumpy or foamy). There's no pain but occasionally, mostly at night, the top part of my vagina itches(where the pubic hair is). There is also no Oder. When it dries, it becomes a yellow stain that smells semi sour. If this has been present for many years and caused me no other symptoms, could it still be possible it's an sti?
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Hi yes there is. bv and yeast are naturally occuring when the bodies pH gets out of wack. The concern with what your describing is the green discharge which is a symptom of Trich. I would have a doc test you for this as well as treating simple yeast infections.
Ive been getting discharge for maybe 4 years now(this was about a year before I started my periods).... could this really be an STI? If it was, shouldn't symptoms show up by now? I've never had any other symptoms except for the actual discharge.... abd the bit of itching I've described.
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