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Swollen Tonsils?

Last year i had unprotected oral sex
not too long after my throat was really sore and my tonsils were swollen
there were white spots on my tonsils
i went to the doctor and i got tested for mono and strep throat
i did not have either
the doctor gave me penicillin
he told me to take it four times a day
i started taking it but kind of just stopped after my throat didn't hurt anymore
i'm stupid, i know
they're still swollen, and i haven't really had any irritation, until now.
my throat hurts a little, and when i woke up from a nap there was hard white stuff on one of them.
i got it off with a q-tip
i'm 17 years old and i'm afraid of going to the doctor because i don't want my parents to find out
and i don't have a job, so i don't know how i would pay for it
do i have an STD?

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This sounds like tonsillitis, or tonsil stones, not an std.  You need to see your doctor.  Put std out of your mind, and get this taken care of.

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I agree with AJ it is Tonsillitis. Basically your tonsil are infected due to allergies not oral sex.
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hello helpme284, sorry Iam reading this in 2017 and wondering how did you solve the problem, if at all you overcame it..

I have the same problem. anti biotics are not working for me (even augmentin)
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