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Syphilis rash

I had unprotected oral sex with another man a couple of months ago and developed a rash pinkish red spotted rash mainly on my upper thighs both inside and out and a few spots on my tummy. The rash varies in size and distance apart. I have no other symptoms that are typical of syphilis but I am very concerned at the same time . I have used antifungal cream to no affect. About 3 weeks ago I visited my GP for a sinus infection. He prescribed Curam Duo Forte (Amoxicillin) 875/125g twice daily for 10 days. The rash appeared after my doctors visit but before I started the treatment. Although the rash has not advanced it is still present. So my questions are 1) would the Amoxicillin I took for the sinus issue would also treat syphilis if it is the cause of the rash? 2) if the rash is actually syphilis related and the antibiotic was affective in treating it how long does the rash hang around for? I know someone is going to tell me to go back to the GP but I am currently away at the moment and have limited access to medical help.
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1) it isnt the recommended treatment. Personally, i dont think it will work. Note that bacterias may be resistant to some types of antibiotic. It is just playing with probabilities.
2) there isnt a text book answer. Everybody's reaction is different. But my opinion is that it shouldn't last for more than a few days.
3) i dont think that u should be assuming u had syphilis based on the symptoms. Please go get tested, good luck
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Thanks for your advice. I am still days from getting medical help and the Amount of red spots has slowly increased and my jaw has now been aching for the last 3 days.  I know it’s difficult to say but do you think the rash sounds typical of that associated with syphilis?
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