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Syphillis Concern

Hello, 12 weeks ago I performed unprotected cunnilingus and analingus on a stripper for a minute or two tops. I was very drunk and don’t recall much so I can’t say for sure if she had any sores but I highly doubt she did. Anyway after 7 days I had full std testing including swab for chlamydia and Gonorrhea. All negative. Outside of HIV, herpes and syphillis i think I can eliminate chlamydia and Gonorrhea as possibilities. At 53 days I retested for HIV on the duo test which was negative however a week later. I also had a nonspecific rash on my face which my doctor tested for herpes via swab and blood test which were negative. I now think it was actually syphillis as it was circular and dead skin in middle then bright red. It didn’t itch or hurt and healed within 10-12 days. I also tested at 10 weeks for hepatitis a/b/c which all negative. My symptoms from 2 weeks exposure are am dry sore throat, burning mouth/tongue/all over body itch/ rash on sides/outbreak of cherry angiomas on my chest/back. I now have neck soreness and tingling feet. I also have a white bump on the floor of my mouth which is not normal for me. I am retesting for syphillis and HIV but am very nervous. Also, I’ve not had any sexual contact with my girlfriend and only closed mouth kissing. She has had a chronic cough since the first kiss.prior to my symptoms we occasionally share razor which now I’m scared she could be exposed to whatever is wrong with me. My question is can primary syphillis chancre appear on my face/cheek if I didn’t come into direct contact with a chancre? Can any std be given with closed mouth kissing other than herpes? What std could cause chronic coughing? Can you spread stds by sharing razor? Thank you for reading/responding.
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So syphilis is only transmitted by direct contact with a sore. Since you had the rash on your face, her sore would have been external, not internal. If she had an internal sore, your sore would have been on your tongue.

How long after this encounter did you develop the rash on your face? Has it gone now? How long did it last?

Cherry angiomas are not caused by any STD. https://www.healthline.com/health/cherry-angioma

You may be confusing that with a secondary syphilis rash, which is quite different. https://www.everydayhealth.com/syphilis/guide/symptoms/ - that has a pic of a secondary syphilis rash on the hands.

"dry sore throat, burning mouth/tongue/all over body itch/ rash on sides/outbreak of cherry angiomas on my chest/back. I now have neck soreness and tingling feet" - there is no STD that causes these symptoms. I'd wonder if stress or an allergy is causing that. Also, no STD causes a cough.

Any STD you could be exposed to would be oral. You'd have no genital infections, since you only gave oral sex. The risk of an STD from cunnilingus is quite low, and it's really not much higher for analingus.

The only STDs you'd be at risk for are syphilis and oral gonorrhea. That's it. I think you should get another syphilis test to rule that out for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's negative. If you haven't had a throat culture for gonorrhea, you can do that, but again, you can expect that to be negative, too.

Let a doctor examine your rash. Oral gonorrhea might give you a sore throat, but not the rest of what you are experiencing. There is something called burning mouth syndrome -



There's also something called oral allergy syndrome - https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/316521.php

It's also cold and flu season, where just about everyone is sick and their germs are floating around.

So just get the syphilis test and the gonorrhea test, and let your doctor examine you. If anxiety is not new for you, discuss that, too.
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Hello, thank you for the response. The rash on my face that I think might be the primary chancre was at 9 weeks after exposure. It lasted about 10-12 days before healing. I did have an oral swab after 7 days of exposure for oral chlamydia and Gonorrhea which were negative. The syphillis test was also done at 7 days post exposure but that was too early to be conclusive. If this isn’t std related I’d be surprised but it’d be definitely welcomed.
Thank you for the response. The rash appeared after 9 weeks and lasted 10-12 days before healing. I did have an oral swab 7 days after exposure for chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Those were negative. The Syphillis test was also after days but that’s not nearly long e ouch to be conclusively negative. I’m nervous as hell to get another one as it’s been 12 weeks to the day. I’m either positive or negative at this point don’t you think? Shouldn’t be any longer wait for testing window based on what I’ve read.
So that's not a primary chancre. The time frame for it appearing was okay - that can be up to 90 days, but it didn't last long enough for it to be one. They last 3-6 weeks, regardless of whether or not the person has been treated.

I'm glad you got the oral swabs. At 7 days, those are conclusive.

If it's been 12 weeks, you'll be conclusive. Most people test positive by 6 weeks. Go test and find out. Either way, you'll get to work on putting this behind you. You can get treatment if you're positive - which is VITALLY important, and you can start putting your emotions and mental health back together, no matter what the result is.

So go test. The result won't change if you don't test. If it's positive, though, the sooner you treat the better. (I doubt it's positive, but you need to find out for sure.)

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