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Test Results Interpretation

Male in his 30’s. Performed less than 1 second of unprotected frottage and received less than 1 second of unprotected oral by an unknown female.

Had unprotected oral and vaginal sex with my regular partner 73 days after the first event.

Had a full std panel done 88 days after the first event and received negative results for all bacterial and viral infections. I am now becoming paranoid that I had gotten my regular partner infected as she has developed symptoms that could be std related. My regular partner had been tested routinely and not had any other partners besides me for years.

My question: Can I take my test results 88 days after the possible exposure to say that I did not CONTRACT a std during from that event? This would provide some comfort that my partners symptoms are not related to my risky decision.

Thank you
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Yes, you can take them as conclusive, and you really had no risk to start with.

One second of anything isn't enough to transmit anything. You can't really even call it frottage if it only lasted a second. Frottage usually means clothed, and if you were clothed, there is no risk at all no matter how long it lasted as STDs don't go through clothing.

One second of unprotected oral is really just a kiss or a lick, and there's no risk from that.

Remember that guilt doesn't equal risk.

Women get all kinds of things that can resemble STDs - UTIs, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, etc., etc. The list is long and varied.
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Thank you for the quick response. So if the frontage was nude and unprotected is you assessment the same?  Thanks
Yes, and like I said, one second of anything can't transmit an STD.

Your takeaway from this should be that you had no risk from this encounter, and whatever symptoms your regular partner is having are not related to this.
Thank you
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