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Throat Gono?

I have a mildly sore throat that is presenting itself like strep with white pus on my tonsils (minus the severe pain, fever and other symptoms).
Went to the doctor today and they tested for strep, mono and the flu. All negative.
I tested for HIV today and also negative (rapid test, 5 weeks since last exposure)
Wondering what else it could be? Throat gono? Another virus?
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This does not sound like an STD. Did the doctor think it was a mild infection of your tonsils?
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He just wrote "acute pharyngitis" on the diagnosis
The first doctor said that because strep ect all came back negative and I felt no pain he did not want to treat
I saw another Doc today who took one look and immediately put me on azythromicin (or whatever it is called, same stuff to treat chlamidya...but also common throat infections lol)
I am just super worried because they could not find the cause of the infection, and thus I am just led to believe it is something like throat gono or maybe herpes? I dont know how far-fetched that is I'm just really freaked out
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