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Trich for a year

Well this is embarrassing so almost a year ago i had this weird discharge almost like gravy for a while now but went to get tested which was negative for gonorrhea and chlamydia but i was told it was bv so i took the meds and slowly things got better however around i had protected sex with a fwb who is close to a large community of friends but he took of the condom and whiped my fluids up with a towel and put his raw dick in my ass. I was a bit pissed but whatever afterwards i still hung out with him for a while until i met my current boyfriend who i love with everything well we have been having sex and my discharge sometimes gets thick like before but i wasn't worried well i got tested this time i mention the discharge and i was tested for trich, it was positive thankfully my boyfriend was negative so i could have had this for a while. Im very scared to tell my old FWB because he would be pissed about it and tell EVERYONE  including my boyfriend who doesn't know we have a past. Im not 100% if he has it after he wiped my fluids away but he did stick it in my butt and something could have transmitted that way. I know for a fact he would tell everyone and my boyfriend would break up with me so im scared im also scared to do the anonymous text because he claims im the only person he slept with so it's a  lise situation. I heard that trich in men can disappear if he does in fact have it but i feel wrong if I don't tell him
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Also i was tested before having sex with him unfortunately not for trich however he hasn't had a STD testing done in years he claims because he hasn't been sexually active or was in monogamous relationship even though he's in the kink community.
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So are you asking if you should tell the FWB about the trich?  I think ideally yes, but in situations where it isn't safe for you to do so, no. This may be one of those situations.

If you are in the US, you can use a service that STDCheck.com offers for free. You can fill out a form and anonymously let someone know via email or text that a partner of theirs has tested positive for an STD and they should be checked - https://www.stdcheck.com/anonymous-notification.php

If you are still having symptoms, you should get retested, because the test for men isn't all that reliable, and you and your partner should be treated together. He could have unknowingly reinfected you.

Hope this helps!
He's being treated as well. The thing im worried about if i was indeed the only person he was sleeping with he would know it was me forsure plus he's extremely vengeful person. One time i sat on his face with stockings on and he developed a rash on his face and told people i gave him herpes even though i don't have herpes and he never got it nor himself tested, he hasn't been tested in years. If he figures out that i was the one who sent the message im in deep ****, he would absolutely tell our close friends who then would tell my girlfriend who would break up with me. Its a real stressful situation honestly and i really had no idea i had it
Yeah, then you don't need to notify him. It's not safe for you. I'd just let it go.
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