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Unprotected Oral Sex and infected any STIs ?

I am 30 years old Male and I unprotected oral sex with a girl for 10 minutes and i did not cum in her mouth I don’t know she had a bleeding gums or not and i don’t know she had STIs.

1st week I was sick, sore  throat, weakness, Losing weight, Night Sweating.
2nd week I was much better than 1st week but i discharged unusually. (Sir do you know which STIs cause this problem)
3rd week unusual discharge, Coughing, diarrhea, Gas in My Stomach, Burping, Low temperature Fever, Headache little bit.
4th week No diarrhea, But Gas in my stomach, Burping, Coughing, Runny Nose and feeling little bit weakness.

it is 96 days now and I am still coughing a little bit, and my stomach is disturb. and i am seeing Acne and pimples on my Back and on my abdomen and i am itching also little bit.

Nausea and back pain started 2 weeks ago and my few part of the tongue is white

Please sir help me

and sir i was humping with a girl and we both wear wearing a trouser and i discharged in my trouser we both were wet this thing can transfer any STIs from me to her ? because i am seeing some of my symptoms on her.

Please sir help me.
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Hi, none of what you mention are symptoms of any std from the oral.
Hi - Sir, as you said above none of what you mention are symptoms of any std from the oral. But sir i discharged very unusually in my 2nd week i felt weird, but now i discharge normally, unusual discharge it is also not a symptoms of any StDs/STIs ? Thanks
Fahad, What is your current state ?
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An std penis infection would have a white puss discharge and burning while urinating
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