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Unprotected Oral

I received unprotected oral from a sex worker around 2 weeks ago.

I now have a red tip (inflamed) and only after urinating I get stinging discomforts in my penis (around the tip). My testicles feel a little tender. And I think I have a haemorrhoid. My penis does not burn during urination.

What are the STD risks from unprotected oral? Are my symptoms linked? When should I get tested and what for?

I also have had protected sex with 2 sex workers in the past 6 weeks - what are the risks here?

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I forgot to add

I had a urine test 7 days after exposure and it came back negative - but the symptoms still occur.

Did I get the test too early? Should I get tested again?

Would G, C, NGU show on urine 7 days after potential exposure?
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Yes, at 7 days, G, C, and NGU should show. Did you wait at least an hour from your last urination before giving your sample? Had you taken any antibiotics in the few weeks prior to testing? Did you give the first part of your urine stream?

The other possibility is that this isn't related to the oral sex, and the timing is just coincidental, and you have an inflamed prostate. This can happen at any age, but the chances go up as you age.

You posted about some similar symptoms back in June, and again in December. Did those resolve, and come back, or have you had them this whole time? I think it's time you see a urologist, or if it's anxiety, then to stop seeing sex workers, and maybe a therapist to work through why you keep seeing them when it causes such anxiety.

Definitely rule out physical causes first, though. That's important. See a urologist, and let us know what happens.  :)
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Okay. Yes I waited 2 hours. No antibiotics. First urine pass.

I’m starting to think that it’s not STD related also - I have H.Pylori and chronic gastritis. My diet is poor and eat lots of sugar which may be causing inflammation in my urine that’s affecting my prostrate/urethra.

I’m just about to take another urine test as we speak as it’s now 2+ weeks. If negative I will see a urologist. I’ll be on a course of antibiotics for my H.Pylori soon.

These symptoms have come and gone since June and December - combined with frequent internal haemorrhoids.

I understand I need to seek mental health counselling as you’ve put it into context, I clearly have a problem with sex, addiction, and lack of empathy/community maybe.

My life is a bit of a mess at the moment - I’m currently taking anti-depressants also.

Thanks for commenting Jessi - I remember you helped alleviate my anxiety last time. So thank you very much!

I got tested for all STD today including C G NGU HIV HEP S H HPV MC TRICH and the mycoplasma/ureaplasma

Could it be the plasmas through oral?

Could it be any of these through unprotected oral?

Waiting on results

Wow they so over tested you. And how are they testing you for HPV? There is no approved test for men and HPV.

There is some debate about the plasmas from oral, but if there is a risk for it, it's low.

You had no risk for HIV, hep a or c, probably not trich and maybe not the plasmas from oral sex. You've likely been vaccinated for hep B depending on your age.

How's your caffeine intake? That's one of the bigger things that seems to irritate prostatitis.

Unsolicited advice time - you can take it or leave it - I didn't have H pylori, but did have gastritis from too many NSAIDS. It ended in bleeding ulcers and me in the ER after vomiting blood from internal bleeding. It was very scary, and I ended up getting scoped everywhere, and was on some meds that didn't make me feel good. Take care of it, and take care of you. You'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel. You don't realize how bad you feel until you start feeling better.

Also, remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health. :)

(Lecture over lol.)
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