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Unprotected sex with a stranger

I was drunk and made a stupid mistake. I had sex with a guy I just met (who my friend said is a guy that really gets around) we started off by using a condom and later took it off. To my knowledge he never ejaculated but i don't know if there was pre-cum.
I woke up very upset and regretting it. I plan on going into planned parenthood this Wednesday. I'm under 18 and I'm just curious what to expect an how much it will cost to get tested.
Thank you.
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And just for specifics.. This just happened this past Friday on 12/3/10
So if there are certain rules about when u can go to get tested I'd love to know thanks
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Get tested for normal STDs a week after like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

Other STDs like HIV and Herpes are not conclusive for 3 months so get tested again then.

I wouldn't worry too too much about it unless you develop any symptoms.

Usually costs around 60 bucks to get tested
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Okay thank youu
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