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Vaginal Skin Tags??

I noticed 2 small anal skin tag like things but never thought of it. Now I have a few smaller skin tag like things on the lips of my vagina. They aren't super noticeable and really tiny. I freaked out and made an appointment with the local healthcare provider to get checked for STDs...unfortunately I got my period and had to miss it. Since then though (Less than a week from my period) i noticed the lips of my vagina of gotten super dry and cause an irritable itching. I've applied lotion which stops the itch. But I'm still wondering what the skin tag like things could be....whether they are skins tags or not. I used to shave down there and didn't for a month or so and than shaved and week later was when I noticed the vaginal skin tag things
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It's difficult to say exactly what they are. The best course of action is to book another appointment and let the experts take a look. All the best.
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definitely you need to be seen and get this properly looked at. make sure that they also test you for bacterial and yeast infections vaginally too. both are common causes of itching in the genital area.

have you had your gardasil shots yet?

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