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Hi all..3 days back I made a huge mistake...I met a Hooker of unknown status at a red light area in India...We started with wet Kiss in which only lips were involved...But small saliva...for 15 20 seconds...I have a tooth bite on my lips...which is in healing process....After kiss i kissed her body parts but not nipples..I touched her ass and vagina for a few seconds with my finger.....After that she performed oral sex that was protected and ends in vaginal sex which too was protected...After sex i remember my condom top was exactly above my penis...Dnt know about any small.hole...but tip was hopefully covered and condom was intact....And one thing i  want to mention...That i am nt vaccinated against Hep B

Early help will be appreciated

Now Consider this situation

1)Chances of HIV
2)Chances of Hepa,b,c
3)Does this requires any medication or testing
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Hi, the touching is really no issue and the protected sex would be a low risk for syphilis and herpes. Test if you have a long term partner.
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Thnks For responding

Can u please tell me the tests i need to take

And What chances of Hepatitis are there with kissing scenario
No chances of anything from kissing.

You can get a syphilis test at 6 weeks. You can get a herpes IgG blood test at 6 weeks, if they offer it where you live, but if you don't have symptoms, I'd say it's good and move on. There are lots of false positives on that test and that could cause all kinds of anxiety and the need for further expensive tests that take weeks to unwind.

The chances of you getting anything are very, very low.
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