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Was my urethritis treated with the antibiotics?

Hello all, i will start from the beginning,
i had sex with a girl, previously she had unprotected sex with someone else. The vaginal sex i had with her was protected, oral sex i didn't wear condoms. After one month the same, protected vaginal sex and i received unprotected oral sex. after two weeks, we had sex, also protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex, but this last time she had a sore throat and fever, she was sick and her sore throat lasted 1 week after this.
2 days after having this last sexual contact, i had an unusual feeling in the urethra, some burning after urination and rarely when urinating, unusual feeling in the tip of the penis and white((pus like)) discharge (sometimes a bit yellowish) when waking up in the morning and staining in the underwear, during the day i find transparent discharge when i press on the penis.
i went and had a bacteriology urine test in the laboratory, result came back negative but with high leukocytes count in urine.
So i went to urologist, he said its an infection and sexually transmitted, and prescribed me Azithromycin 500mg once a day for 3 days and Doxycycline 200mg once a day for 7 days.
But he didn't do no urethral swab and no tests, the agent of infection was not determined.
after starting the antibiotics, the symptoms recovered quickly, no discharge, no sensations in the urethra, and no burning after peeing.
On the sixth day after starting antibiotics,i saw a tiny transparent discharge( a very small drop) after pressing the penis in the morning to verify, an the day after it the same, and most of the days for  4 weeks now, some days there is no discharge when pressing the penis in the morning, some days the small drop of discharge is cloudy an not clear. No traces of discharge on underwear. During this 4 weeks after antibiotics no burning when peeing, some days  i felt as there is still urine my urethra, but this is not always, and sometimes when the tip of penis touches  the underwear its uncomfortable.
Since i started having the symptoms i have had no sexual contact, masturbated 2 or 4 times, sperm looks yellow( i think this is due to infrequent masturbation  i don't know).
So i don't know if  the discharge i find when squeezing on the penis in the morning is a sign of a remaining infection or is it a normal healthy discharge.
And i don't know if the bacteria that caused the infection was an STI or a bacteria from her throat like streptococcus, considering she was sick when performing deep oral sex on me.
So i don't know if i still have some minor infection in the urethra or is it all clear, i still have some doubts.  
Please,  thank you for reading this post, and tell me what i should do.
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Hi first of all if you had a urethra infection it caused some damage inside which takes time to heal so milking your penis could cause pain as its trying to heal and milking could irritate it. With the pain at the tip it would appear your causing it yourself from constant milking as the damage would be inside your urethra from the infection not the tip. I would suggest to leave it alone and have a followup with your doc if your concerned. Infection is white puss not clear as the urethra contains mucus and that would appear what your seeing now.
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Thank you, I will take by your advice :)
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