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What are the chances of getting and STD from unprotected oral?

I was browsing around and I came across this chart online:


It claims that chlamydia, gonorrhea, NGU, HPV, syphilis and herpes are "easily passed" via unprotected oral?

I thought these were passable...but easily passed this way...really? I kind of believe it because I have been infected in the past from just unprotected oral, but I just thought that was because it was from sex workers in 3rd world countries...

Can anyone vouch for this information or give a more detailed clarification?
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Its  not credible information at all.
1. Syphilis can only be passed when the giver has a open active mouth syphilis sore and the receiver also has an open sore for it to enter and oral syphilis is not common anyway. The giver would be more at risk.
2. Chlamydia cannot be oral only inside the urethra.
3. Gono can be passed but the giver would need to give a "deep throat" oral as any germs would be in the back of the throat. Again the giver would be more at risk.
4. NGU is the more common as bacteria common in saliva is not common in the urethra. Fairly common for the reciever.
5. HPV is not common in the mouth so the giver would be the one at a bigger risk.

Of all listed NGU is the more common.
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Well, I just woke up with a clear discharge before urination. No itching, pain, aching, etc.

Could this be NGU or just natural bacteria my body produced?
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Its normal to have mucus (clear discharge) come out if your milking your penis. If theres no irritation then that would suggest there no infection.
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