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What could this lump on my penis be?

About a week ago I noticed what appeared to be a pimple on my penis. Against my better judgment I popped it thinking that would take care of it. Now it feels as though there is some kind of a mass underneath the top of the lump (which has a dark red point).

I got concerned that this could be an STD of some kind but none of the pictures I've looked at for the various ones that have sores look similar. I don't want to dig around in it to see if it an ingrown hair or something because I don't want to make it worse.

Any ideas? It's a lump the size of a pebble and it has a dark red top to it. It's protruding and not collapsed like the syphilis sores I saw pictures of and it is a little sensitive to the touch but otherwise none painful. I'm experiencing no painful urination or other discharge.
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what's your risk exposure lately?
Have had some sex but no one seemed to be suffering from any kind of physical ailments that would lead me to believe they were sick.
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Did you have protected sex?
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