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What is the risk of getting std when wearing condom and underwear ?

I had sex with a girl with a condom. I was wearing my underwear, and my penis was sticking out from above the elastic waist band. My testicles were entirely covered by my underwear, and i was wearing a condom. About three weeks later when i was peeing, i noticed many yellowish bumps on the base of my penis, and on my testicles. I am wondering if i have an STD. we did not kiss, and she did not perform oral.

- i have itching in my face near my nose, eyes, forehead and cheeks. Sometimes, my testicles seem a little itchy,. some part of my hands like the elbow region and wrists and forearms. but there is more itchiness near my testicles and on the base of my penis. but it comes and goes,
- my back seems stiff, but i had a long day few days ago where i was in meetings for four hours and was in car for an hour and a half.
- i have had surgery for slipped disc many years ago, so sometimes my back is stiff. i sit and work at a desk for several hours a day and in general have weak abs and back.
- my stomach is very bloated because i ate some outside food, so it is bigger than usual. Could be causing my stiff back
- my testicles feel a bit like they are burning. Earlier they felt like there was a pull - in the past when I’ve hurt my back sometimes over experiences a pull on my testicles area, and it goes away when my back is better. By the time I finished typing this my testicles aren’t burning.

I’ve totally had sex with only two girls. Nothing happened after the first girl.

I go swimming regularly, and when i go swimming i dont seem to notice any symptoms. When i am in the water my back seemed fine. and id dint notice the itching.

My underwear is like boxer shorts - they don’t even have a hole to stick your penis out to urinate. That’s why I stuck my penis out over the waist band, as we were in a hurry.
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Just wanted to add - based on pictures on the internet, all the bumps look like fordyce spots. There is no blood or puss or pain on touching, I don’t have any pain in my penis or testicles.

But I have itching in random spots all over my body, face, where my leg and pelvis meet (the joint area)
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Just to add - the burning or tingling sensation seems to be when my testicles are rubbing against something. When they are not in contact with anything there is no burning. I am a little overweight and I seem to sweat in summer.

There seems to be itchiness at a bunch of random spots like on my shins, belly, nostrils, eyes
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The bumps on my penis and testicles are spaced out. They look like the pictures on fordyce spots. They don’t hurt, or have any redness or anything. They are yellow. It’s been about two days since I first noticed them.
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To be honest I can’t tell if the sensation in my testicles is related to my stiff back or not.
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Also, if I use soap when I shower, more than two or three days in a row my skin seems to itch. So a doctor suggested that I don’t use soap everyday. Could this be because of using too much soap? Or dry weather?
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If you think they are Fordyce spots, they probably are.

It could be too much soap, dry weather, dry skin, etc etc - the list is endless. It could also be an allergy to the soap you are using. Try a scent and dye free soap. Use something gentle. Make sure you are rinsing it off your skin well, too. Unless you do things like construction or work in a field where you get really dirty, you probably don't need to use soap every time. If you work out, try rinsing after.

Use scent and dye free laundry detergent, too. Make sure you are changing your sheets regularly - weekly is good, but at least every other week.

You may have to play around with things to see results.

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What is my risk of getting herpes from the above scenario?
Herpes, hpv or any std for that matter?
I should have answered that part yesterday, and I'm sorry I didn't.

You had no risk. As far as I can tell from what you wrote, every single thing was covered, either by clothing or a condom.

You had vaginal intercourse. This means that you would only get genital symptoms if you got an STD (which you had no risk for). Your facial symptoms wouldn't be from an STD. You also have reasonable explanations for things like your back pain, etc.

In any case, you never had a risk for an STD.
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