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What's my std risk

A little over three weeks ago I had protected sex with a prostitute. No kissing. No oral sex.  We did drink water out of the same bottle. I touched her clit with my bare fingers then put my finger tips on the tip of my tongue to wet them because her clit was very dry. Peetty sure I may have felt a bump on her inner thigh with a finger tip.  During intercourse the condom came off and I had one incertion with no condom. I put the condom back on can continued for a little while longer. It was a very dry encounter, not wet.

3 days later I developed a sore throat. 5 days after the encounter I had a 10 panel std test, knowing it might be a little soon but I still wanted it. Tests all came back negative except hsv1 which I kind of already knew because of getting a cold sore in the same spot over the years That same afternoon I saw a dr who prescribed amoxicillin 875mg 3x a day for 10 days for my throat. I took it for 5 days then saw another Dr. who did a rapid strep test which was positive. She took me off amox ond put me on zithromax for 3 days 1x per day 500mg. After 3 days my throat was still sore so I continued the rest of the amoxicillin for 5 days. 11 days after the encounter I had a hiv rlna test which was negative. 19 days after the encounter I saw my primary care dr. because my throat was still sore. I explained everything to him and he gave me a shot of rosifrin and doxycycline 2x a day for 7 days. Im on day 3 now. He also performed a throat culture we are waiting the results of.

Its been 23 days since the encounter and the only issue I've had was a cold sore in the same spot I have always got one and a sore throat that won't go away.  No issues urinating, no drainage, no genital bumps, no fever, aches or pains. My throat is only red with no patches of white or any other color. Not terribly sore either mostly red and scratchy.

I am still worrying like crazy so I ask should I be as worried as I am? What are the chances I have hsv2, syphalis, warts, hepatitis, or anything else?
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the risk of any std from a one time, mostly protected encounter is rather low. You have been over tested and over treated needlessly at this point but what is done is done.

You can't test for hsv2 until at least 3 months post encounter. Same with hepatitis. syphilis testing has to be done after 6 weeks.  No point in being retested for gonorrhea and chlamydia at this point since you tested negative after 5 days and have been treated for both. We don't have commercially available tests for hpv to test for that.

So what do you do now? Really, unless you have a regular partner to protect, I wouldn't bother with more testing. You  had strep throat and probably picked up a virus too. You've treated for strep and a virus just has to run its course. It is cold and flu season and more antibiotics will be useless against both.

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Thank you for your response. I tested negative again at 6 weeks. It's now been almost 8 weeks and the only strange feeling I have is an itching/slight irritation on my anus. Could this be a symptom of HSV 2?
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