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Will this be an STD???please help

I had protected vaginal sex with a sex worker,along with kissing the vagina(my lips had some cracks),inserting the finger in her vagina atleast for 3-4 minutes(no visisble cuts),kissing all over the upper part of her body,biting the breast and insersting my finger in her mouth(she licked my finger) in Mumbai india on 29 September  2013 and after 5 days i started getting fever, mouth ulcers and all the similar ARS symptoms.It continued for almost 3 months(the genreral unwell feeling fatigue,chills etc).After 25 days of exposure i started getting 2 pin shaped vesicules on my penis glands.It took atleast  1week to clear the vesicules but the area of the glans got some discolouration and is always moist.After 1 week again some vesicules started appearing on some other parts of lans and cleared off within 6-7 days and the area got some discolouration(colour other than the normal glan colour,light red colour).After 45 days of exposure i started getting lower abdomen,lower back pain,chills,testicle pain,groin pain and groin lymph node swelling.Dr told me that it is prostratis.Even after taking antibiotics it is not completely cured.I am getting  recurring groin pain,burning sensation after urination,lymph node swelling at right groin even now.I did a semen culture test it shows no bacterial growth,urine culture shows 10000colons of Ecoli and urine routine normal.Done an hsv 1&2 igg,Igm ,vdrl,hiv elisa test after 15 weeks but all negative.

1)What could this be any kind of STD..?
2)Shuld i test for gonnorea and chlamadia or any other STD?
3)which test should i do ..a blood test for antibodies or a urine test for these?

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1) Does not sound like a STD
2) I see no reason to
3) See a Dr to discuss symtpoms.
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Are you sure???
I got some pus filled mouth ulcers in side my mouth and its is not at all clearing even after 4 months
When i wake up in the morning i find some oily like clear liquid on my penis tip
I donot not know...
my herpes test is negative ?
i am morally down now..i feel like something happening on my manhood............
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See my answer 3.
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