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Worried about what i got myself into

Ok so 2 nights ago I engaged in a sexual encounter with 2 escorts at the same time. Im worried because the 1st 20 or 30 seconds I recieved oral with no condom until my penis was erect and then the condom was put on and she continued. A condom was used at all times during vaginal sex and when I proceeded with the other girl a new condom was put on. The women provided the condoms and I even went as far to check to see if there were any holes in them after the fact. (Gross I know)There was no kissing involved and the whole episode lasted about 15 minutes. Im not sure what I put myself into but I feel ashamed and its driving me crazy. Im not sure If its just anxiety but my penis just feels "different" and Im sure after I urinate the pee drips longer than normally. It doesnt burn when I go or anything and there is no discharge either. What can it be? please help!
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oral sex is very low risk for std's in general.

protected sex is also very low risk for std's.  

odds are you are just paying far too much attention to your genitals at the moment out of fear from the encounter.

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I figured that. It was a bad decision on my part I will learn from it. Thank you
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