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Worried..Please help.

Hello, I was at a strip club and in the vip area, the girl took my penis out and licked the head and penis opening for about 10 seconds to my surprise.  About 7 days later, I developed a burning sensation at the penis tip after urinating with what looks to be pee dribbling as well. Now at 12 days since the exposure, I still have burning after peeing with what looks like urine dribbling, and my pee hole seems to be stuck shut a bit before my first morning pee. Burning sensation at times in the tip of my penis just sitting or walking around as well. Could I have gotten chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes or syphilis from this exposure given my symptoms? Or is this a UTI? Please help. Thank you.
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It's unlikely that you got an STD from a quick lick, but you really need to go to the doctor to make sure.

It could be a UTI, possibly NGU, gonorrhea or chlamydia, though those are really, really unlikely. Have you had any other sesxual exposures?

It also sounds like it could be prostatitis, but you won't know unless you go to a doctor. No need to sit around worrying - just go.

Herpes or syphilis isn't a risk for this, and wouldn't give you symptoms like this. This sounds like an infection in your urethra or bladder.
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The only other exposure was on July 3rd, I rubbed the shaft of my penis against a girl's butt crack. The penis opening did not touch. Does this change your answer in any way?
Also, would the discharge with chlamydia and Gomorreah be thicker and pus-like, not what I explained? Thanks.
Can you please answer my comment above? Thanks.
Hello there brother. I've had the same symptoms I thought I had an std but I was wrong I Also had slight burning when urinating and clearish discharge after ejaculation. Also urine dripple thru out the day that kept my head of penis wet (uncircumcised). It was my prostate. Don't let your anxiety get the best of you it can make you believe you have n feel real like symptoms. I'm also only 27. Best of luck brother
Yes it would be more thicker and constant you would notice it. If it was chlamydia it can start of clear but then turn puss white as the infection gets worse n gono would be foul smelling green or yellow discharge.
Thanks for the reply.
@Lonely_stoner13 I sent you a message.
Totally agree with Lonely_stoner. I really think it's more likely to be a prostate issue, not an STD issue. Your STD risk is slim to none, with both encounters.
Last question..there was an encounter about 1 month ago when a stripper put a condom in her mouth and used her mouth to put the condom on my penis before giving me oral. Would this cause chlamydia or gonorrhea? The condom was used but I'm thinking of the saliva in her mouth with the condom. Thank you.
Most likely, and I wasn't there so I can't say for sure, the inside of the condom wasn't in her mouth. This means that nothing from her mouth touched or entered your urethra, and you didn't get gonorrhea or chlamydia.

Oral sex is lower risk for gonorrhea and chlamydia, anyway, so chances of this are next to nothing. I wouldn't worry at all.
You said "Most likely" as it would cause chlamydia or gonnorrea? The entire condom was in her mouth when she put it on my penis with her mouth. So you're saying the condom "inside part" (before it being unraveled) would not cause an std? Thanks
No, I meant that most likely the inside of the condom wasn't in her mouth, the outside of it was. Most of the time, when people put a condom on with their mouths, they put it in their mouths with the exterior of the condom touching their mouth, not the interior. This should give you an idea:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gpClDvc-PE You can skip ahead to 4:40.  Don't watch this at work or anything. She's demonstrating on a cucumber, I think, but still.

Since the inside part of the condom isn't exposed to the interior of her mouth, it's not exposing you to anything. Also, she's keeping the condom at the front of her mouth. Gonorrhea and chlamydia reside in the throat. People get these from oral sex when the penis enters the throat.

You really have nothing to worry about here. Really. Why don't you just test if you are so concerned? You have symptoms of something, and need to see a doctor, right? So just test and put your mind at ease.

Thank you for your response. So, nothing to worry about even with the first incident of having my penis licked for 10 seconds, and with all the symptoms I'm still having? Thank you so much.
Sorry can you please answer my last comment? Still having burning dribble after urination. Can this be prostate rather than STD? Thank you.
Sorry, what I meant to ask is...Can the burning dribble and my pee hole being stuck together in the morning be a prostate issue and NOT an STD? Sorry, this is my last question. Thank you once again.
Yes, it could all be a prostate issue and not an STD.

You really need to see a doctor. At this point, the cause doesn't matter, really. You have all these symptoms, and you need to get them checked. I'm sure it matters from a personal standpoint - maybe you went outside a relationship or something  - but medically, you shouldn't ignore this because you are afraid of the cause. Your chances of an STD are next to nothing, so go get checked.
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