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masturbate a stranger

a few days ago I masturbated with a guy I met in a club. We both touched eachothers but there hasn't been any contact or exchange of semen after ejaculation. During the masturbation I have noticed the guy had some pre-*** on his penis and touched the top of mine using the same hand . Is there any risk for me to get infected with any STD if his pre-*** get in contact with my penis.? i am very confused and a little worried . Also I tend to bite my nail and have bad cuticles. Can that be a risk if i touch semen or pre-***?
Hope you can give me an answer
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No risk from this at all.  If you need some further reassurance, go to the expert forum and read through all the handjob threads you can find - and I promise you, there are a LOT.

You are fine.

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hi londo are you still worried?
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