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new infection?

i was treated for STD and its been a month..my medication was done 10 days back,i had a urine test and my result
i got urine test yesterday
my result found
puss cell 2-5
rbc 0-2
bacteria - few

is this normal?i suddenly got bacteria in urine...
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Yes it could be normal as bacteria can come from many thing.
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i did another test today and the result
pus cell 1-3
rbc 4-6
bacteria - non
mucus - few

my doc didnt gave me any med but he told if i have any sympt again i should get tested

so is it possible to reinfected after taking azithomycin,doxy.flagy for my STD......can my STD lead to future problem....
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i have on symptoms except frequent urine and leakage of few drops urine after urination.

This started after i masturbation twice with in 30 min  and i urinated almost 10 time and i can see my leakage and those feeling i still have urine on the track

will this urine leakage is normal?
this will fade away by time or my STD have given me prostites?
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It can be normal for some. I don't know if it will fade or not.
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