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oral sex and HIV

I am  28 M and my partner was 30 F. I was engaged in unprotected Oral sex (Received Fellatio) from her. its been 10 days now. It last for only 1 min and during this I did not remember i have ejaculated in her mouth.  Considering she had multiple partners, what are the chances to get affected with all STDs , HIV, HPv etc. I am really worried and stressed, depressed and regret it now. Can you guide me on this?

I have no symptoms so far for bacterial infection expect feels some burning at urethra during Pee. But it last for some time only.  

I asked my partner also about she had previous history of any STDs or any serious disease but she said she is fine and ok. considering all possibilities please guide me.

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Very low risk for stds. Zero risk for HIV.
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so you said no risk of HIV. After reading out many post and related topics I am scared about it.  
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