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receiving oral sex, penile discharge, gonorrhea?

I'm 17/male/gay.
Last weekend (February 16th) i received oral sex from a stranger. And then i met up with my friend who was my age on the night of February 21st. we both gave oral sex to each other. He gave me oral sex for 1-2 minutes. This night (February 22nd) i've just noticed a slight discharge from my penis. I squeezed the head of my penis and this pale yellowish discharge came out. it dosen't burn when i urinate at all but i've had some pain but it only last for a short time. I think i have gonorrhea. But could it be something else?

Also, is my friend at risk for anything? I didnt have a discharge when i met him. but im worried about telling him about this. I know he's going to be mad but i'm also scared that he might take legal action agaisnt me if i gave him something.

I'm getting tested this monday.
I'm just really stressed out and don't know what to do. Please help?

I also didnt ware a condom when i received oral sex because no guy ever wants too. :(
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if someone won't wear a condom for oral with you, it's not someone you want to be having intimate contact with!! risking your own health isn't worth it? they make flavored condoms and flavored lubes to help with that latex taste a little.

have you had your gardasil shots too to protect against hpv?

at this point, you need to be seen monday and get some basic urine testing done to see if you have any infections going on.  odds are this isn't gonorrhea but you'll need to be seen and pursue the testing since you have discharge.

could you have transmitted something to your 2nd partner? yes you could've if you had been infected with a std.
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*I actually meant that most guys never want to have oral sex with a condom
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Thank you. but what else could it be? :(
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and also, sorry for the double post, but i actually had gonnereah last november (it was from unprotected sex though, which i'll never do again) and it was much worse than this. i had the discharge but it also burned when i urinated, and i was in pain almost constantly. I got rid of it though and got tested clear from it. could this have something to do with it?

the discharge is also getting a little worse today.
and yes, i got the gardasil shots back when i was 15
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no, the gonorrhea you had a few months ago isn't causing these symptoms now.

glad you got your gardasil shot series!!

still be seen monday and get the testing done to find out what is going on.  many infections of both std and non-std related causes can cause this and you need to find out what is going on and properly treat it.

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and trust me, i can promise you that i wont have any more unprotected sexual contact.
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but just one more question, wouldn't it be possible for him to sue or have me arrested for giving him an STD even if i didnt know i had it then?
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