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risk of STD after diagnosed UTI

I am uncircumcised, 28 year old and i had protected(2 condoms) vaginal sex for not more than 5 minutes with a prostitute 25 days back, but i did not cum inside -  later i masturbated for 2 or 3 minutes without removing that condom. then I ejaculated and removed condom as carefully as i can.  

     Two weeks back I had burning sensation while urinating for a day and then it was normal for few days. From last week i am getting urine frequently and with some burning sensation as well.
      i feared chlamydia or gonnorhea and So I took azithromycin 1 mg and next day I went to STD clinic. Doctor told to get Urine culture test.

Today results were out and  and it was found that I had PROTEUS MIRABILIS in urine. My doctor said it is sexually transmitted and he told to take Levofloxacin 500 mg daily for 7 days.

  i used two condoms and very properly but i washed my genitals with soap after 10 minutes after sex. Did i get this infection due to vaginal fluid that would have remained on my public area, which could have come in contact with tip of my penis??
i am really worried. i never had any std and now i am unable to sleep. someone please answer.
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someone please answer...
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I had a similar situation. I tested negative after 14 and 20 weeks but i fear for hpv.
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congrats, hope mine will be same too.... are UTI more easy to catch than STD???
         can someone get UTI and STD at the same time??

  from scenario I mentioned, what level of risk am I at???
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Well since the sex was with condomn then we could say very low risk, experts in here dont recommend test ing if you used protection as thr risk will be low but just for the peace of mind you can get tested and move on, you did good using a condomn only stds that can be transmitted even with condomn are hpv, herpes and syphilis but with no symptoms and a negative test at 3 months it can be conclusive. The only std left is hpv since there is no test for men
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