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sclerosing lymphangitis

Hi does anyone have any more info on sclerosing lymphangitis, I know the old Doctors and here used to link it to potential STD’s but I have been tested for everything and it’s all clear.
I have Chronic Prostatis and I wonder is there a connection, are there any bacterial STD that maybe I should get tested for that are not in  the normal testing, I’ve had so many Antibiotics, surely this would have cleared any lingering bacteria?
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Can STIs cause this? potentially syphilis could but it really is not worth worrying about. There are other sexual bacteria's which do not often get tested for but again, it does not cause sclerosing lymphangitis so again, no point in worrying about it. Also prostatitis is not linked with BUT the constant checking of the head of the penis (due to prostatitis anxiety perhaps) could cause it along with vigorous masturbation.
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I haven’t had hardly any sexy time mate, the Chronic Prostatis virtually makes me have zero Labido.
No idea what going on :(
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You just stated you were tested for std's and were given the all clear. Therefore, one could then assume this is not related to std's.  Right?
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I guess, but could it be something they haven’t   Tested for, also I was on antibiotics for my Prostate so any Std test might have inconclusive results, the antibiotics might not have cleared any infection I had but stopped them from showing.
It’s very painful when my thingy is erect, I’ve tried aspirin today to see if it helps.
The gum clinics Docs seem to thinks it’s nothing, but ........
I’ll update you guys, as I’ve noticed with other posters they never say how things went with this condition.
It all seems so connected the prostate this and my other symptoms.
Are you asking about the hand job and breast job? Those are no risk, which you've been advised of a number of times.

CPPS can be very tricky to treat and may not be bacterial. If you are showing no white blood cells in your urine, you do not have an infection.
Thank you, no I have nothing showing in Urine or my Semen culture.
Yes I understand I potentially had no exposure, but it’s not a coincidence that everything started to happen immediately after that event.
Perhaps I injured myself causing a blockage or inflammation, which progressed, I’ve no idea, all I know is my life is a misery not knowing how to get well.
I know you're upset, but it's really important that you understand that it isn't "potentially" no risk, it's absolutely no risk.

Have you had an ultrasound of your prostate? Any imaging at all?

I think you should go for counseling. I'm not saying that everything you're feeling is anxiety - I can't make that call - but chronic pain changes you (I know this first hand), and counseling can really help.
Thank you AuntJessie
Sorry I didn’t see the response until now.
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