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unportected oral sex with a "bar girl" in South America

I am a pretty healthy male in my mid 30s.

2 days ago I received unprotected oral sex from a "bar girl."   I realized after the fact that (isn't that always the case) that I had a sore that may not have completely healed on the base of my penis from masturbating without lubricant.

After the "incident" the area began to feel aggravated pretty much within a few hours.   This morning (2 days later)  I have pain in my right inner thigh (only when I touch) which I assume may be lymph node pain, which may mean that there is some sort of viral infection. :-/.

Would I get a lymph node reaction so quickly?

What could I potentially have?  I plan on having a full battery of tests when I get back to the states although some things may not become detectable until 3 months from now or more. :-/

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Hi, what your describing is not a symptom of any std and with herpes a sore/lesion would develop before any swollen node. Really low rick activity.
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Thank you for the response Life360_Dave.  I thought the potential open sore could make me susceptible to some type of STI.
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