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what stds i have?

hi doctor, i had and protected oral and anal sex, msm, while i am a reciver and top, on 25/6/2018, and an unprotected oral(receiver),analingus(i am giver) msm sex on 27/6/2018, and i come outside, we have rubbing only, no anal sex.

on 7/7/2018, i found a red bumps on my penis shalf, so i went to the local doctor, the doctor prescribe me with 14 days doxycycline as suspect of syphilis.
on 16/7/2018, (18 days) i took a vdrl(syphilis) and hiv 1&2 ag/ab test both were back negative.
the bumps never went of after the doxycycline treatment but it become smaller than the first time i spot it and i think it is going to be heal already but not..
it even get worst from a single bump to seem like have more infection around it, little tiny bumps around and it's some kinda tingling itching..

i went to another doctor again on 21/7/2018 (24 days)
i was given acyclovir 400 and the symstoms seem to be better.. am i having herpes.. how long to be tested to be accurate?
again i was test for syphilis and hiv (same method) and both come back negative too..
now still waiting for herpes simplex 1&2 result..

may i know how reliable is my both result?
will the doxycycline that i take influence the test?(syphilis undetectable?

what most probrably the causes of this bump? could it be other than STD??

and i do have oral and vaginal (unprotected, both of us, are giver and receiver) with my wife before my sympstoms show up,what are the chances that i would pass any of infection to her?

i am really panic now and lost at it..
hope to have your opinions.. thank you
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You had unprotected oral and analingus. Oral exposes you to gonorrhea, syphilis and herpes. I see you tested for syphilis, but 18 days is not enough to get an accurate result. You should test as follows:

-3 weeks after the encounter, for gonorrhea.
-6 weeks after the encounter, for syphilis.
-3 months after the encounter, for herpes.

You shouldn't have retaken your normal sexual life with your partner before making sure you are free of stds. Rimming would also add the risk of getting intestinal parasites like Giardia. They are not stds, but there is risk.

All the best.
thank you for responding leader,
i tested again on 21/7/2018 (24 days) for syphilis and HIV, both non re active, as i know, maybe is too earlier for that..

yeah i didn't touch my wife again since my first symptons appear.. but still worrying to pass to her..

can herpes sore last so long or any other sore that last almost 22 days already and it's now still there?
i have taken 14 days of doxycycline follow by acyclovir for 4days already but the sore don seems to get away..

can any other things/virus/bacterial make this lesion?
must it be std???

thank you again..
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hi leader
hi all

today i got my test result back for 45 days after exposure
all come back negative for HIV, Shyphilis, HSV 1&2, chlamydia

can i reply on this result as i have a bump on my penile shalf previously?
thank you..

can i rely on this result as i have a bump on my penile shalf previously?
thank you
Your results are conclusive with the exception of hsv1&2 but at 6 weeks your results are 70% accurate and for all practical purpose would be considered negative. 70% of people with hsv would test positive at 6week hsv test is conclusive at 12 weeks
Thanks Jaimeortiz.. hopefully..
Thanks for advice.. hopefully i am not in those who seroconvert very slowly.. pray for it..
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