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worried i have hiv

i really need help im so so so scared. Last night I performed oral sex on a boy. Today I woke up with a fever, swollen lymph nodes, and swollen tonsils with yellow pus all over them. I'm nauseous, don't have much of an appetite. I was diagnosed with hsv 1 last month and now am so so so scared i have hiv. Is there anyway I can get test for gonorrhea hiv, etc without my parents knowing? By getting tested at a doctor wouldn't it bill the insurance? Is there anyway its just tonsillitis? someone please respond i don't think I can live with myself if i've screwed up this bad. I'm a 19 year old girl. please respond  
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I understand your anxiety.

From what I know, the fever and swelling could be from your HSV-1. It also can come from stress and depression. A lot of times, our health declines when our mental states are stressed. Besides, STDs like HIV, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia don't show up over night. Your nausea is from stress.

Personally, I think you didn't contract anything. However, if you're going to perform oral, wear a condom for your safety and your partner's safety.

The doctor may grant you some confidentiality if you ask them not disclose your visit (patient-doctor privilege type thing). But it may be better to let your parents know. They may be able to help you with your stress.

I hope everything goes well.
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Probably strep throat.  HIV doesn't work nearly that quickly.

Tell your parents about your sore throat & go to the doctor for it.  While there, tell him or her that you're starting to become sexually active.  He/she can't (and won't) talk to your parents about that, and you'll probably get plenty of valuable advice about safe sex.  

Sex isn't scary if done right.  

Again, rest assured that this incident with your significant other did not cause the symptoms you're experiencing.
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thank you both so so much :) this was very reassuring! I will be heading to urgent care tomorrow to get tested for strep.
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