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Any risk for HIV OR Hepatitis?

Hello Doctor,

On Friday night, I went to a massage place and the man there fisted with inside my anus. He was wearing gloves and using lube to lubricate. There were no other sexual activities before or after the fisting of my anus.

I seek your opinion on whether there was any risk for HIV or Hepatitis C as being the recepitve partner in the fisting act.

Thank you
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Yes, the gloves were new ones and the lubricant was a fresh tube also.
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Hello Timothy

The prospect of HIV transmission is negligible - assuming as I do that there were no other people involved and everything was done with clean gloves.

There have been cases worldwide of hepatitis C being transferred during fisting because of contamination of the pot or bucket of lube.

If clean fresh lubricant was used on you then that is not going to be a risk.

You can of course test for HIV, hepatitis C etc from 10 days using an RNA PCR test.

It is not possible for me to grade this 1 out 10 etc.

Kind regards, Sean
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On a scale of 0 to 10, how much would you put the risk for HIV , Hepatitis C transmission?

Thank you.
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