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Can you define medical codes?

My lab reports sent to me say this:  CT, NG, Trich vag by NAA, and HBsAg+HCVAb+TP Abs,and MIC Organism #1

Can you tell me exactly what these codes mean? thanks
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- CT: Chlamydia trachomatis (Chlamydia)
- NG: Neisseria gonorrhoea (Gonorrhoea)
- Trich vag: Trichomona vaginalis (Trichomona)
All of the above were tested using NAA, which is a technique amplifying their specific DNAs.
- HBsAg: test for Hepatitis B (Surface Antigen)
- HCVAb: test for Hepatitis C (antibodies)
- TP Abs: test for Syphylis (Treponema pallidum antibodies),
- MIC Organism: microscopy and culture for other not specified micro-organisms.
Kind regards,
Dr José
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