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Herpes with condom worried

Dear Doctor,

5.5 weeks ago I had an encounter of condom protected anal sex with another male of unknown sexual history where I was the insertive partner. It did not last more than 5 minutes and there was no oral sex.

I have been worried a lot about HIV but I just had a Duo test at 5 weeks and it came negative so I am trying to believe it. ( am i right?)
Yesterday I went to a Dermatologyst for other concern but he checked by genitals and said it was all ok. However last night I had a kind of rough masturbation, using some kind of cloth to frotagge my penis. Today I just noticed that I have a little lession in my penis, it looks like red and irritated like when you take off a little of skin. In other circumptances i would have thought it was caused by masturbation but now I am so afraid this is Herpes.

I know that it can be spreas even with a condom, but is it possible to have an outbreak in the skin protected with the condom? I have no other bumps or rash and I am sure I didnt have this yesterday.

What are my chances of it being herpes? I know it is difficult to you to make a consultation online but i am so scared of it.

Thank you.
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Thank you very much for your post.
Your sexual encounter was protected.  Therefore there would have been no risk of HIV infection or any other STI.  Your negative HIV test is fully conclusive.
Regarding your concern about genital herpes, it is true that it can still be contracted even when using condoms.  However the typical lesions (a cluster of painful blister, usually with systemic symptoms of general malaise) would appear on the areas not covered by the condom.  This does not seem to be the case here and therefore I doubt very much that this is herpes.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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I forgot to say that in such encounter I did not touch genitals of the other person and he didnt touch mine either.
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