I was diagnosed with NSU two months back since the urine culture was negative twice (last culture done 10 days back) and i was put on Norflox 400 for 3 days which did not work and then a dose of doxycycline for 10 days but the symptoms did not go away completely. In fact i still feel some irritation while urination. I also feel weak at times. I must confess that i have been under extreme stress due to fear of HIV. It is more than two months since i was first diagnosed with NSU. My Doctor says i do not need any more medication and the irritation will go away in time. Please advise me. Do i need any more tests or medication or will the NSU symptoms (only irritation at times during urination) subside in time.

can NSU be caused due to vigorous sex?

Initially when i first saw my doc he also gave me a single dose of flucanozole 150 in case it was a fungal infection as it first started with some itching in the penis and then the burning sensation started and hence the doxy dose.

I also have some irritation in my scrotum which he says is local irritation due to the weather. I have been applying emoderm cream for a week now and have some relief from the scrotum irritation. I had also applied Betnovate C for a week earlier but the irritation started again once i stopped application after a week..

Am I safe to have sex with my wife now?

Thanking you in advance.


for your ref. i had asked a question on your website in hiv intl. and Dr. Jose answered.
please find Dr's answer below:

Thank you for your post.
I can assure you that you do not have HIV.  The combination of all your negative test results is fully conclusive.  You do not need to worry about HIV and you do not need to have any further tests.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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I'm afraid it's me, Dr José, once again!
NSU can be caused by lots of things, not always by infection, and vigorous sex can be one.  The urethra is very sensitive and irritation can remain there for quite some time.  If there was inflammation in the urethra, the acidity of the urine itself can cause this symptoms, without necessarily having an infection.  If you have been tested for all possible STDs and all the tests were negative, and in addition you have been treated with the appropriate antibiotics, we cna conclude with confidence that you are not carrying an infection and that it would be safe for you to have sex with your wife.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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i have had a similar experience. NSU detected but all tests came back negative. used Azitromycine (precautionary) and metronidazole (cos a partner said she had Trichonomas). Had discomfort at the tip of my penis for a couple of weeks which sudsided. further tests revealed no NSU and urine test was negative also. a day ago i noticed some fungal growth. could this be the Trichonomas returning? maybe the infection hasnt fully cleared up. I havent had sex since my results (4 weeks or so).
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