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Oral Sex and STDs

Last thursday I was at a bachelor party, and long story short, I ended up giving oral sex to one of the call-girls. (Vagina and anus). Of course, after doing some internet research I´m worried sick of everything I read.(I'm sure you're aware of all the info that's out there.)
Could some one please tell me what diseases (std's or otherwise) should I be worried about and how much time should I wait to get tested?
On an even more shameful note, I stepped out of my marriage in this escaped, and now I don´t even want to kiss my wife (let alone have sex with her)  worrying I might pass something to her or to my 3 month old daughter who´s being breast fed.
I would very much appreciate some professional input and guidance on the matter so that I can ensure safety for my wife, my daughter and me.
Thanks a lot and greetings from Mexico.
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Recently I have really been having a lot of sex with prostitutes at many brothels. Right now I am very scared. I do not know if I have any stds. I never had any sypmtoms, but from what i read online, these diseases can be asymptomatic. I have really been going crazy. I can't believe that I have been acting this way. With the prostitutes I usually have protected vaginal, but unprotected oral. I usually take some antibiotics after, like azythromycin or ciprofloxacin, i usually take a shower afterwards, and i use disinfectant wipes or rubbing alcohol to clean my genitals, and i use listerine to clean my mouth. I have really been trying to stop, but its hard living alone in a foreign country. I am worried that I may have some std, hiv, or herpes. I went to see a girl yesterday, and had protected sex with her,  and i had unprotected oral and i kissed her several times. I didnt see any colds sores on her mouth. At the last minute, it looked like she could of had a blister, or it was healed up. I am not sure. After the encounter, about an hour later, i went home, washed my genitals, and used alcohol afterwards and put hydrocortisone ointment on, and I used listerine and alcohol on my lips, and put carmex on, and then I took some 1g of azythromycin and 500 mg of ciprofloxacin and I have a wife, i am worried that i could have given something to her. What are my chance of catching an std, hiv, or herpes in in this situation? Can a doctor please answer me? My mind is going out of control. It is hard for me to live my regular life without thinking about this.

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Hello Kuaz

Thanks for the post.

You're correct of course to say that there are some STD's that you can pick up from oral to vagina/anal contact.

The main ones include chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and herpes. You can only acquire these if the girl you had sex with had them in the first place.

I would suggest that you see a doctor to discuss and to have tests including throat swabs for some of these and a blood test for syphilis.

kind regards, Sean
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