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Worried of HSV and other STD

I visit a massage parlour in june 31 2013, i kiss the masseu after the massage about 10-15 minutes and insert my fingered into her vagina about 15 minutes, and finally she lure my penish with massage oil and gave me a handjob after i went back i saw a cut at my fingered that use to masturbate her, probably about 1 or 2 days, i don't know and i was worried of hiv although i know this is low risk from what i read and understand from medhelp post, but to ease my mind i get tested for hiv at 8 weeks after the exposure and it came back negative, but now i was worried of hsv because i have a few symtom now, i have a dry cough and chest pain still exist now for about 6 weeks and about 8 days ago i develope a rash at the back of my neck, although i cannot see it but i can feel the pain when i touch it and it perish about 2 days ago (stay for 8 days), now i develope a single tiny blister but not cluster at my palm it is abit raise when i touch it, but no redness at the palm, i can't nearly see if it is a blister, but there is a bit of white color on top of it, also i saw a single pimple like acne at upper left of my mouth, but i don't know if this is blister it is abit red like an acne, my question is

1. Can i acquire HSV from such activities and what are my chances of getting HSV as i noticed that kissing can pass HSV.

2. Do i need to do a blood test for HSV?, if yes can i test now at 10 weeks just to calm down my anxiety or should i wait until 12 weeks or longer?.

3. Do i also need to test for syphilis and other STD.

4. Can i continued to have sex with my wife?.

Your fast respones is appreciated to calm down my anxiety, thanks in advanced.

1. Do you think this is
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Thanks for the prompt response doc, now i am concern for hsv1 since i don't thinks i have contact my uretha with her vaginal fluid, beside i di not have any symptom at my penis, fyi i did not have hsv1 or hsv2, my last test was about 8 month ago,  you mentioned if i do not have any symptom after 12 weeks would consider clear, how about the blister that i mentioned previously? Is that not a symptom?, i never saw a hsv blister but the internet picture shows that the blister is in cluster and full of liquid while mine is very tiny and nearly can only see a white dot on top of it ,also is it normal for hsv blister located at the palm? How about the other one located on top of my left mouth not the lip and it is also single blister (it looks like acne with red color), you mentioned of labial herpes can you help to explained more how can i know if i have it, thanks doc for the clear explanation
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Firstly I would like to say that a situation like the one you describe would have not put you at any significant risk of contracting any STD, and certainly no risk of contracting HIV or syphilis.  The most would be a common infection like Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea or NSU, if your urethra came into contact with some vaginal fluid, but this seems quite unlikely also.  Kissing is safe and you could contract mainly HSV-1 if the masseuse had a cold sore.  However it is also possible that you already have HSV-1 anyway, as most people do, and in that case, you cannot get infected.  I would not recommend getting tested unless you get typical symptoms of labial herpes, and even in that case, the diagnosis could be made clinically.  If after 12 weeks, you have not had any symptoms, it would be highly unlikely that you have been infected in the first place.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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