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red swollen meatus 6 month

6 mnths ago vaginal protected sex w escort. Condom didnt break/slip. 2 weeks later - tested. Gono, chlamydia(pcr), mycoplasma(pcr), ureaplasma(pcr), HIV, syphilis. All  negative.After the test I developed swelling of the meatus. It was bigger than it was before and it looked inflamed, after ejaculation it gets really big (puffy lips). No pain, no discharge, no discomfort.The swelling fades with change of temperature and blood circulation. At times its bigger (eg erection). I attributed it to the swab irritation. In the meanwhile my GF developed vaginal inflammation. She has a long history of reoccurring bacterial infections and we only had protected sex twice during these two weeks.3 weeks after the encounter the doc dismissed my symptoms. My penis looked normal to him and all the results were negative. again 2weeks later went to the doc, he put me on a 5 day course of Clarithromycinum and did chlamydia, mycoplasma and ureaplasma pcr tests. All tests  negative. After the course my symptoms cleared up a little. They came back week later. I tried to ignore it for some time, good hygine etc. Didnt help. I decided to retest for gono, chlamydia (blood to spot antibodies), did urine test, urethral swab culture, hsv.All negative. Except for hsv - non decisive 1/2 test  positive IGG. NO history of oral herpes. I went to the doc (urologist). He said that Im most likely OK and that most of us have HSV antibodies. He gave me a 10 day course of cypro and Fluconazolum.The meds didnt help. After that I tried clitromazolum (no change) and hydrocortisone (nothing). The only thing that instantly reduced swelling was vinegar. After 6 months I still have inflamed and swollen meatus. My GF is still fighting her bacterial/fungal problems with little effect. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I tested negative for all bacterial STDs multiple times. Please help me work this out. What more can I do? Am I ok? Is it HPV? I hear it is difficult to test for HPV in men.
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Sounds just like me everything neg no
Help from dr did you get it figured out is it better
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thank you for your post and apologies for my slowness.

As you say, you've tested negative for everything on repeated testing and you've consulted a few doctors who have said that your penis etc is normal.

I suspect that what has happened is that you've done something - sex with the escort - which you perhaps regret and feel bad about and this guilt / regret has made you look at your penis in a way which allows you to see things in a slightly skewed way.

The evidence after all is that you don't have an infection of any sort.

HPV will not cause your urethral meatus to seem bigger than usual.

It's difficult to offer much more without having seen it but in all likelihood the doctors you have seen are correct.

kind regards, Sean
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