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Accuracy/Reliability of Tests

I had a very low risk exposure about 7 Weeks ago, condom protected vaginal sex with woman of unknow status.  Most generally I'm not very anxious about my sexual practices, but this was out of character for me.  To date I've had NO symptoms other than some mild penile irritation I would attribute to anxiety (ie checking too much/manipultation).


1. 13th HIV RNA Test--Negative
2. 28th Day---10 Test panel---All negative (HIV 1 and 2 4th Gen, HEP A/B/C, Gon, Clam, HSV 1 and 2, Syphillis RPR)
3. 42nd Day---HIV 4th Generation and Syphillis RPR---Both Negative

I know the HSV tests at 4 weeks were too soon, but I'm worried less about HSV and more the others, with no visible symptoms at all.

Can someone comment on whether I should continue testing out to 3 months on the others or should I be done now....Seems from reading other threads I can quit now, but welcoming other opinions.


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Using a condom means you had no risk for HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hep B, NGU, mycoplasma, and trich.

It means you had significant protection against syphilis, herpes type 2, and HPV.

Hsv1 is transmitted by oral sex, when someone with oral hsv1 performs oral sex on someone who doesn't already have hsv1 antibodies.

You weren't at risk for hep A or C. Hep A is only spread by fecal matter, and hep C is only spread by blood. Both are rarely spread sexually, and when they are, it's usually unprotected anal.

You don't have symptoms of syphilis, which is conclusive at 6 weeks, and that's uncommon, so I wouldn't worry about that. Same with herpes, which most people test positive for by 6 weeks, though it can take up to 4 months. There is no HPV test for men.

So long story short? You're fine and I wouldn't worry.
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You had protected sex, correct? That means you were protected, safe and it is of no surprise your tests are negative.  That won't change.  You have no symptoms of an std, you can't get HIV from protected sex, the only symptom you have is that of obsessive thought as it relates to anxiety.  Treat your anxiety and things may get a whole lot better for you.
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