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Am I at risk from Stripper finger?

This is embarrassing, but around 30 days ago, I was at a bachelor party where a stripper put her finger into her vagina, then abruptly (and unwelcome) into my mouth. It caught me off guard and I moved away from the action, but I'm concerned since I did get sick after the weekend (sure it was just the flu, but I seem to be getting sick easier). Also, I did notice a few red bumps (3) my inner  and outer thigh and one in my pubic hair area. Am I at risk for contracting an STD? I have one partner for 8 years (wife) and have never had this concern before, so it's frustrating.

I do have pain in my testicle but this was before the incident and something I've dealt with over the last year or so, but it's hard to differentiate the concerns. Should I be tested?

Very embarrassed and would prefer not discussing with my wife. She knows there are strip clubs involved in the bachelor party, but this likely "surpirse" would ideally be left unsaid. I'll just need to be more careful when partaking at friends bachelor parties to not get caught off guard.

Thank you.
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Sounds like you have either a friction rash or maybe a yeast over growth. Herepes outbreaks don't last weeks. Days at most. I can only speculate on what you have going on but one thing is absolutely certain, you don't have a std or Hsv from this exposure
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On last thing. STDs infect areas they only touched for the most part. You had nothing touch your thigh or anywhere else. A finger in the mouth isn't going to cause a genital or leg symptom
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Thank you for the comment, though I have read that oral herpes can spread to genital areas. I don't have any lesions on mouth or on actual genitals, but do have quite a few small red marks which itch on my thigh, and inner thigh. Not sure if that changes your opinion.
Maybe with self- inoculation. But herpes only effects the nerve of one region. Boxer short areas would be one region. The mouth another.
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Hi you had zero risk for contracting any std
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Thank you, but can anyone comment on these? Are there experts that drop in?
Hi, MedHelp is a member-to-member website, where other members answer your questions. If you mean doctors by 'experts', we don't have them on our website anymore in an official capacity.

The MedHelp Team
Ah - thank you for the clarification.
Was just looking for a reason attached rather than just a no.
Dave do you have any reason why you believe this to be the case?
Because salavia isn't a good recieptor of bacteria it's actually very good at protecting you, further stds require rubbing in usually with friction in the vagina/cervix or the back of the throats where enough of the bacteria would be present. Listen to Dave you had ZERO risk
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