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Anxious. When should I retest?

I had unprotected exposure around October 19. I did the 10-test plus Trich test via stdcheck on November 6.

To clarify, the tests were Chlamydia Gonorrhea Syphilis 2 herpes 3 hepatitis 2 hiv Trich All came back negative at the time.

A week ago I had a physical, doc said everything looked okay. But I now have a painful pimple like bump on inside of labia with itching and burning.

Which tests do I need to redo? Are there any I can be sure I don’t have?
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Go to the doctor and get the bump checked in person. Don't pop it, don't do anything to it, just let the doctor see it. Get it checked as soon as you can  - go to an urgent care if you can. If they think it looks like herpes, INSIST that they do a culture or PCR swab on it, and make sure they type it to find out if it's hsv1 or hsv2.

Getting it cultured or swabbed is the best way to find out what it is. Even if you do another herpes blood test, it doesn't tell you if what you have now is herpes or caused by something else, like a clogged oil gland or something.

What kind of exposure did you have? Oral? Vaginal? Anal?

To save you some money -

You never needed to test for all 3 heps. Depending on your age and location, you've probably been vaccinated for hep B. Hep A is transmitted by fecal matter (poop) and is usually transmitted by contaminated food or water. It can be transmitted by sex, but that's rare, and when it is, it's almost always anal sex.

Hep C is transmitted only by blood, and like hep A, it's rarely transmitted sexually, and when it is, it's by anal sex.

If all you had was oral sex, then skip the hsv2 test. You'd only be at risk for genital hsv1 from receiving oral.

Your gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trich tests were all conclusive. Your syphilis test should be redone at 6 weeks.

https://www.stdcheck.com/hiv-rna-test.php - is that the HIV test you had done? If it is, then it's conclusive. If you only had an oral exposure, you weren't at risk anyway.

So go to the doctor today, and let us know what happens. Insist on a type specific culture or PCR swab if they think it's herpes.
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I just realized who you were, I'm sorry.

Is this the same bump that was there before? Or a different one?

I'd insist on getting it swabbed for herpes. At least rule that out and give yourself some peace of mind.

I'm going to merge your questions from your other thread into this one so I don't get confused (which is fairly easy to do lol) -

herpes 1 & 2

all came back negative.

i understand that the hepatitis and the hiv were not risks, so i'm not asking about that. but any of the above? and what time frame?

trichomoniasis - all of these are 5 days after exposure

Syphilis is 6 weeks.

Herpes 1 & 2 can take up to 4 months, though most will test positive on the blood test by 6 weeks.

It's up to you which thread to use, but let's keep it to one. :)

Sorry, I wasn’t sure if that one went through or was too old to update. We can stick to this thread!

No, this was a different bump. On the vulva, inside the labia. It started like firm bump, grew big, developed a head, began draining, got smaller, still has a small white head that is draining. Raw, painful to the touch. Noticed the draining when I was showering and cleaning there. Redness and itching throughout. Basically entire area just above vaginal opening was red, itchy, burning.

Saw my gyn today. He looked carefully. Took a general swab from it for bacteria and one for herpes because I asked for it. He was quite certain that it is a boil, not anything transmitted. But he’s taken the swabs either way, so I’ll know for sure by Thursday, he says.

My plan is to make it to a planned parenthood when I can get away and ask for the syphilis test, since chlamyd, gonorrhea, and trich are conclusive at 18 days. Since the hsv swab is in, I won’t do blood work for that. The hiv test had been the 4th Generation HIV 1 & 2 Antibody/Antigen test. From what I understand, it’s a minimal risk considering the exposure.

As for the exposure, there had been oral both ways, genital rubbing, no penetration. I keep trying to put it out of my mind, but then stuff happens to make me worry again. And I still haven’t had the courage to call the rainn people. I was squirming so bad as it is with the gyn. He played it down, said that even if it was a herpes sore it wasn’t a big deal. Of course, it is to me, but it was nice of him to try to put me at ease.
I'm sorry you are going through this. Medically speaking, your doctor is right - herpes is no big deal. Emotionally, of course, this would impact you in a far bigger way.

The good thing - maybe? - about having negative hsv tests is that if this is herpes, and it really doesn't sound like it, is that it would mean this is a new infection, and you'd know your source, and wouldn't have to wonder if you had it for years, or if your partner is your source, etc.

It does sound more like a boil than a herpes sore. Herpes sores are on the skin, not under it, and don't drain like yours is.

More good news - without penetration, you aren't at risk for HIV at all. Oral isn't a risk for HIV, nor is rubbing. You also aren't at risk for any of the hepatitis viruses, or trich.

Syphilis is uncommon in the US, so I'd be surprised if that's positive. I understand wanting to test for that, but unless you get a round, painless sore, you can probably assume safely that you don't have it.

I understand your resistance to calling RAINN. Can you do some research on your local rape crisis center? Find their Facebook page, if they have one, and see where they're located, who works there, etc. Maybe it's a few towns away from yours, and that will make you feel more comfortable.

Hang in there, and let me know your test results.

Hi auntiejessi, adding a comment here to remind you of my thread. It’s been a few months. Things calmed down back then. I wasn’t able to get retested. And then the pandemic happened. I now have this itchy rash https://imgur.com/a/A6RWQqV on my legs. It’s a bit freaky, and is making me worry again. I know it’s been a while. But could it be something related to my exposure? Secondary syphilis? I didn’t see any sore initially. But could it be? I will try and see my doctor this week. I’m really scared.
Hopefully you can get retested simply for peace of mind.  Things have calmed down in most places and this should be much more available and easy to do now.  Your doctor did not think it was std related but a boil previously and tests confirmed, correct?  Secondary skin rashes with syph are usually on palms of hands, soles of feet and near the vulva for a woman.  If you didn't have a sore though, you didn't have syphilis.  You may be overthinking this.  It should be safe to see your doctor now or at least in a virtual way.  I would not be worried or scared.  Do you have a lot of anxiety in general?  
hi guitarrox, thanks so much for responding. that boil previously came back negative for herpes and gonorrhea. things eventually subsided. but i didn't retest for syphilis, just that one time that i wrote about in the history above.
it's entirely possible that i'm overthinking this. but there's so much info on google, things like you could get syphilis and not have a sore. or that the secondary rash doesn't always appear on palms and soles. so my brain has been spinning again.
and yes also that this could be just anxiety. the way that exposure occurred still feels horrible, even though it's been months. i also got a little triggered recently when i had to interact with the man on a video conference a couple of months ago. it brought everything back. so i have been anxious.
i mentioned previously i think (maybe a different thread), i live in a rural area that is fairly remote and almost everyone knows everyone. hipaa is just a bunch of letters here. also, my home situation is such that getting out to get a test without my husband knowing is going to be hard. but i will try and at least see my primary care.
Google can be the enemy of anxiety.  Anecdotal things and stories that are people guessing. It doesn't sound like you have syphilis to me.  You can get a rash looked at on your leg and not mention syphilis (really, I'm almost positive it has ZERO to do with your thought of being exposed).  That would make the most sense.  And when it turns out to be nothing related (as I'm close to one hundred percent certain it will), treat the rash and consider counseling.  There is now a trend of virtual therapy where you'd never have to use anyone local.   You couldn't slip away for an afternoon.  Women in my life do that and can be gone for 4 to 6 hours and come home with a hair cut telling me they had a great day.  Maybe you could plan something like that and slip into a planned parenthood and pay cash.  
That doesn't look at all like a syphilis rash. It looks like a shaving rash or something, but I'm not a doctor. If it lingers, get it checked.

I agree that you need to get the test done for peace of mind. I think GuitarRox is right - say you're getting your hair done or shopping or something, and go to Planned Parenthood and pay cash, or go there for your pap smear, and say it was part of their process.

And therapy is an excellent idea.
the planned parenthoods near my area are not taking walk-ins right now. the earliest appointment is mid september. i've taken one. my primary care is also on leave, so will have to wait a week till he's back and i can get a therapy referral. thanks for responding.
Wow - no one else there can give you a therapy referral?

What about an urgent care a few towns over? Or an STD clinic? I know your options are limited because small town and privacy doesn't exist. :(
my spouse works in healthcare. big county, small world. makes things much harder. i'll wait till my doctor is back. it's a week. i'll just try to breathe my way through. i'll also try to talk to my doc about the test. i just still feel ashamed at what happened. but i'm going to have to, or this worry will eat me from the inside out.
Wow, even another layer.

I'm sorry. Just remember to take care of you, and be gentle with yourself. We're all human.
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