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Any STD can cause painful frenulum?

My frenulum have been quite painful for the past 3 days, the pain aggravated even further after I masturbated. I have consulted a GP and the doctor could not find any tear or blood. I have been prescribed Curam (antibiotic?) and the pain has gotten better.

I have also had cryotherapy on my penis a few days ago in case its related.

Can the pain caused by STDs? Because I don't know what type of doctor should I go to see in case the pain won't go away.
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Can the pain caused by STDs?


Because I don't know what type of doctor should I go to see in case the pain won't go away.

A Urologist but give it a few weeks for the trauma of cryo to heal
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Thank you again. As the pain has worsen drastically after masturbatiom, can it be a trauma instead, that it can go away on its own?

So I can safely tell my SO of this issue right? Because I have visited escorts...
As Aunt Jessie would say, guilt does not equal risk. What would it achieve by telling your SO other than hurt? Obviously the more you visit escorts the more you open yourself to risks which can be passed on but im not here to judge :)

Is there a specific risk you are worried of? We can assess that to see the risks of that event but I have never heard of a symptom of an STI causes just frenulum pain ever.

Microtrauma is common and makes sense if you gets worse after masturbation. Try not to masturbate for a week or so and up your intake of water whilst reducing your intake of caffeine and alcohol as they can cause your urine to be more acidic which causes this issues as well :)
I am supposed to be working from home in the coming week so it is hard for me to go out to see an urologist without explaining..

I visited escorts regularly (protected vaginal & unprotected oral). But if I have gotten NGU or gonorrhea, I would've felt pain during urination and developed discharge? Does it sound like prostatitis instead? Can you think of anything?

Therefore if it is not a symptom of any STD,  it is better for me to tell her I have to make time to see an urologist?
I forgot to mention it hurts the most when I try to touch my frenulum. And it also hurt more when I tried to apply OTC cream. This further reinforce it being a micro - trauma instead of STDs/prostatitis right?

If so, maybe I should wait and see what happens for a week, like you said, before deciding to see an urologist?
Prostatitis isnt an STI. I have had it :)

Oral does carry some risk, but this encounter is not related. Frenulum isnt connected at all. Give it a week, no touching and let it heal. If after a week it still hurts then ask your GP (primary care doc) to refer you to a urologist.
Thanks. After taking medicine given by the GP the pain went from keeping me at wake at night to mild discomfort. Hope I don't need to see an urologist..
perfect. Anxiety can also mimic symptoms and make you feel these phantom pain things.

Try to relax
You have a few different threads going now - can we just keep it to one so we have all your history in one place?

Can you at least call your doc that did the cryotherapy and ask if what you are feeling is normal?
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