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BXO - Cronic Balanitis/ Lichen Sclerosus?

Hi, i am 23 y.o. Possetive for HSV2 and Urethritis. My mother have Psoriasis and my father have Exzema, as i also had when i was a kid.

When i was 16 y.o i noticed a small white patch on my glans next to the urine hole. Now in the beginning of last month that white patch started to spread on both side of the urinehole, following the line down, and on to the foreskin. I also have a red rash between the glans and the foreskin, it looks like an irritation that is red, but not a wound. The urinehole is also white and red, there is a discharge that looks like water i can milk out.

I went to the doctor in the beginning of the month and he said he think its Balanitis, and gave me Doxycycline, as soon as that was finnished i did an opperation on my shoulder and i had to take another type of antibiotics.
But nothing changed.
I went to another doctor and told him all this, he did a swab test and it was Negative on Candida. As i googled the symptoms of loss of pigment on the glans, i started to believe this was BXO.

As i told him about what i believed, he responded that he dont think so, because of my age. So i asked him what else could make it turn white, and he said Inflammation can cause loss of pigment.

I am really worried about BXO and i honestly cant sleep anymore, im depressed when i wake up in the morning since there is no cure for this.

What do you think it could be?
If its BXO, can i stop this fully to never continue getting more white or is it a matter of time?
I fear this deeply please could i have any information about treatment?
Thank you!
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Really, nobody has awnsers for these questions? i have searched and found nothing.
Is white patch only for cronic balanitis or normal balanitis also?
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Ofcourse i will have that tested asap but i cant make it happend now, and it will take some time before i can make it happend.
That is why i turn myself to to this website to get awnsers, for other causes and treatment information about BXO.
Thanks for a fast awnser tho!
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Hi, you can have a biopsy to rule out BXO. Your age is not common for this and it is believed to be genitic
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