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Can STD's cause Laryngitis

I am a 38 year old male and recently had vaiginal and oral sex with a woman I met at a conference. I used a condom but also performed oral sex on her without protection. About 2-3 days later I noticed that the left side of my throat was sore and inflamed with a redness to it. Over the next few days I began to lose my voice and had problems swallowing but did not have fever, body aches etc. Nor did I feel sick although I sounded horrible. I wnet to a Doctor before getting on my return flight and he said he thought I had laryngitis likely caused by a viral infection. Therefore, he did not prescribe antibiotics.

It has been about 9 days since the sexual encounter and I am wondering what my risk factors are. Could the oral sex have exposed me to an STD taht would cause a sore throat and laryngitis? If so, which STD would be most likely?

Finally, although condoms are no guarantee for protection, what are my statistical chances of contracting and STD and which ones should I most be concerned about considering the protected intercourse combined with the unprotected oral sex? Thank you.
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Your only real risk would be gonorrhea (which can cause a sore throat). The risk for any other STD from giving unprotected oral to a women are too small to worry about or only theoretical. The only way to be tested for gonorrhea of the throat is is to get a throat swab and culture.
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Oral is a low risk exposure but it is a risk for certain STDs such as HSV1/2, syphilis, Gono, NGU.  Although and STD would cause throat issues it would not cause laryngitis... but your doctor could have misdiagnosed you. Best suggestion would be to get tested.

you were protected with the vaginal half... no worries here.
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